Sunday, June 26, 2011

Disgusting treats... when the gross is made special.

 Define Treat


Noun: An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
Define Disgusting


Adjective: Arousing revulsion or strong indignation. 

It not very often that those two words would be used in the same sentence, let alone to describe something.  How ever there is no other way to describe people taking particular enjoyment in consuming something, that to the majority of society, is considered repulsive.

When i was growing up my dad used to get tripe as a treat for him self.  He would marinate it in vinegar and salt it then eat it right from the container.  My siblings and I loved it too, the chewy, salty, vinegar soaked pieces made for the most deliciously disgusting treat.  Of course we did not know what tripe was, but even once we knew we were eating the lining of a cows stomach, we were not deterred from enjoying the bovine snack.

With my own children they seemed to have discovered their own disgusting treats.  When ever we get a cooked chicken Mr.T asks for "lots and lots of fat please!"- meaning lots of chicken skin.  I have told him it is skin, but it does not put him off one bit.  A.Bomb on the other hand looses the plot when he spots the caper jar in the fridge and runs to the cupboard to grab a bowl while giggling with delight.

Everyone has their special little treat, that is a bit out of the ordinary, and definitely does not fit the normal idea of a treat, it will be interesting to see what takes the J.Man's fancy as he grows up.

Please share your disgusting treat in the comments section below, go on, we all have one.

Friday, June 10, 2011

BPA.....Are you SERIOUS!!

Well its no secret that I really don't like 60 Minutes (you know that crappy current affairs show that is on on a Sunday night).  Mr.C insists on watching it, most of the time i walk away, but i got sucked into their segment on BPA Free bottles.  Never mind that they were filming kids and adults playing and drinking out of the toxic bottles (which is ludicrous that they would even film that) it also brought it to my attention that so many people don't know about this toxic chemical, and what it can do to your body when ingested (especially over a long period of time).

It was first brought to my attention when Mr.T was 1yo and had just been weened off bottles.  The fact that he was on bottles was for me heart breaking enough, but learning that i had been feeding him a known poison made me furious!  When i say 'known', it was not publicly known, it was known to the industry, and to the government.  It wasn't until countries legislated the banning of the use of plastics containing BPA that it really grabbed peoples attention through the media.

It was also a harsh way to learn that i simply cannot trust in any companies or the government to do the right thing, or act in the best interest of children and families.  I set about learning what i could, and also when the A-Bomb came along i sought out BPA free bottles for him to ensure the best start for him in the event he needed to be bottle fed.

Although BPA free bottles are now clearly labeled in supermarkets, Bottles containing BPA are still being sold.  Here is a great online store that is dedicated to the sale of BPA free products for babies and should help you with some information and brands that are available.  I cannot believe that this is still an issue that society have to deal with, to me the solution seems simple and obvious, BPA should be banned.  In the mean time i strongly encourage everyone to avoid purchasing bottles containing BPA by only purchasing bottles labeled BPA free.

After discussing this with a friend it also occurred to me that there are so many other household items that may contain harmful ingredients, so my aim for this year is to become an even more informed consumer and create a safer living environment for me any my family.

Oh where does the time go?


A squishy little newborn bundle has gone missing, im not sure exactly the moment he vanished, it seemed to happen over a long period of time.  It does feel as though he was here one minute and gone the next though.

Fondly remembered looking like this......


A 10 month old baby boy, who eats like he might never see food again, laughs like the world is a comedy show, and has confidence that makes me wonder if he has been here before.  Mr.C and I are quite fond of this little guy, and he is so love by his brothers so good luck trying to claim him.

i am so amazed that Mr.C and i are able to make such beautiful little humans that I sometimes need to remind my self that they really are ours.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sometimes in life lovely things happen....

Well i just cant hide it, I'm so full of love right now!!

As most of you know I'm not normally a soppy romantic, but the older I'm getting the more my ice cold heart is melting.  Melting the tip of the iceberg is that this year two very special ladies in my life have been proposed too by there significant other.  One best friend getting engaged is exciting enough but for it to be both of them is just amazing. What makes it even more special for me, is that i played (all be it a very small) part in bringing each couple together in the first place.  It has been so special to share in their lives through young love, holidays, houses, laughter, and lots of good times. I'm so excited to be a part of this next stage in both of their lives.  I am so happy for them and so proud.  I cannot take all the credit for their pending nuptial's (as much as i would like too),  the beautiful relationships they have created in the years they have been together has been all them. 

Here is us all celebrating together Saturday arvo

And March this year...