Friday, May 27, 2011

To see the world through a child's eyes....

As Mr.T gets older i often find my self in awe of the little person his father and i have created.  Lately, its not just the milestones of learning and social interaction, its the pearls or wisdom he shares with me and the little clues he gives me that show how amazing his mind and imagination are becoming.  It is a delight to watch him and help him grow into a young man (well eventually).

This evening there was a moment that reminded me how pure, innocent and open his heart and mind still are.  On the wall between the lounge room and kitchen is a beautiful drawing from beautiful lady, Victoria.  She sent me the drawing of a breastfeeding mermaid to celebrate breastfeeding Mr.J for 7months (and still going).  Not only is the picture aesthetically amazing, but it touched me so personally, partly because of my pride and love of breastfeeding, and also my own childhood love of Mermaids, but also because Vic had gone out of her way to create something beautiful for me.  For Mr.T the picture is simply magical, and he pointed out straight away that it was mummy as a mermaid breastfeeding his baby brother Mr.J.  I sometimes find him staring in wonder at the picture, and every now and again he asks me if i can show him how i become a mermaid. 

Tonight he asked me " Mumma, were do you keep your special mermaid powers?"
to him i replied "I keep them in my heart so i will always have them with me."
In his beautiful innocents he replied "Don't keep them in there, let them out! show everyone! we all want to see you be a mermaid."
Smiling into his blue eyes i told him "One day sweetie I will show you, but for now i need to keep them with me."

It breaks my heart a little to think that one day he will realise that I might not be able to change into a mermaid, and that one day i will have to tell him that the special powers i hold in my heart are dreams, love and beautiful memories. 

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  1. Wow Kez, that is such a wonderful story. Mr. T (I love that by the way... does he pity the fool that takes his grain wave chips...?) will always think you are his special, magical Mama; your strong connection right now will ensure it.

    I find myself just smiling dumbly at Punky sometimes, when she is telling me about something she thought about or something we should do, as I am still amazed by her, that she's here & that she is growing into this clever little person with, I think, only negligible help from me.