Saturday, August 20, 2011

The ultimate baby accessory.

Well we all know that I love all accessories.  Bags, shoes, hair, jewelery, do i need to go on?
So of course when I had my children a whole other world of accessories opened up to me.  It began with Nappy Bags, quickly moved onto Prams, then onto Modern Cloth Nappies and for now has settled with Baby Carriers.

I did use baby carriers with my first bub, 4.5 years ago.  But since then, with the wonders of the internet, a large variety of styles from all over the world have become easily available and has played a huge part in my baby wearing experiences.

I did start with a Baby Blaugh* (i cant even type its real name bacause it is so wrong), but quickly moved onto a Hug a Bub (stretchy wrap) a trip to Hawaii found me in possession of an Ergo (a soft structured carrier).  I was pretty happy with the two carriers i had then, and felt a bit 'out there" because no-one i knew IFL owned and Ergo, or even wore their babies very often.  When A.bomb was born, he was a pretty big bubba, so I did a bit of babywearing, my favorite for him was the connecta which was perfect for the beach.  Soon I found my self 'with child' and baby wearing became uncomfortable for me, but i knew that i wanted to continue when the was born so i bought a Mei Tai and popped it in the cupboard.  With Mr.J being so young baby wearing became a life essential for me to be able to get by day-to-day and keep all the kids happy and the house work (semi) done.  Since then i have been using a Ring sling (Kleinsmekker & ObiMama), a Mei Tei (Kleinsmekker & Malkaj) and a soft structured carrier (Ergo, Beetlebum, connecta & Bamberoo).  I do have quite a few photos of me wearing the children, how ever there are so many times i simply could not get a photo, because it is hard to take a body shot of my self, and i was often doing it during day to day life- and as much as i love my self, i just didn't take daily photos of my self.

Lots of people ask me for baby wearing advice, or to have a look at the carriers i have, so over the next few weeks i will do a blog feature for each of the different carrier styles i own, complete with pics, links and instructions.

Here are some examples of my baby wearing with my children....


Bush Walking
 Squishy Newborn

till next time

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