Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grand plans for the silly season

I love Christmas.
I always have.  It is the one of two days of the year that I don't mind getting out of bed before the sun. (The other is my birthday- presents are a great motivator)

I wont lie, as i have had my own children, Christmas has taken on a different dynamic.  
I have to be more responsible and cant just kick back and enjoy the day.

This year Mr.C and I have decided to do something different to bring back the Xmas joy in our house.

We going to have a TOY FREE CHRISTMAS.

Before you all cry- child cruelty- the children will be getting presents, just not toys.

Instead of clogging up our lounge room with more things that the kids don't need, they will instead be receiving gifts that will hopefully last longer than a 5 second attention span.
I am also going to try and think global and act local when it comes to spending this Christmas.
I am a huge fan of online shopping, how ever I am going to be doing my best to seek out stores locally and buy hand made where appropriate.

Scary that we are talking about Christmas already, but i am really excited to make this a special one for my boys this year, and our families.


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  1. if I could work out just what to buy present wise, we would be doing the same thing here. My kids have way too many toys and they just don't respect them anyway, so I really don't want to buy anymore.

    Time to put my thinking cap on! Not long to go (eekk!!)