Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mei Tai- My second favorite carrier style

When J-man got a bit bigger (over the 7kg mark) wearing him in the RS for long periods wasn't as easy as it was when he was a newborn.  For me that was when the Mei Tai style came into its own.  It gave me the comfort and security of being able to hold him close while also giving me support by having his weight distributed through the two shoulder straps and waist strap.

For me a hood is an important feature of a carrier.  It works head support for a sleepy bub, a sun and wind shade during outings.

Mei Tai carriers do take a little bit of practice to master- but they are not as hard as they look.
The Mei Tai style can be used as a front and back carrier.
There are different techniques for tying a Mei Tai's straps, Youtube, or an experienced baby wearer are great for helping to learn different techniques.

Here are some pics of my favorite Mei Tai carrier- Kleinsmekker

with a toddler

Baby wearing while Lawn bowling (hood up and bubba sleeping)

 On a sunny Summer day.

All the carriers pictured here are Kleinsmekker carriers, sadly Lotte is closing her store at the end of November.  There are other makers of Mei Tei style carriers.  Always buy from a reputable retailer or maker. 

The is a variation to a Mei Tai and it is commonly referred to as a Half Buckle.  It either has clip up shoulder straps and a tie waist or a clip waist and wrap straps.  If you are feeling the woven wrapping love, but would like more structure a wrap tie could be what you are looking for.

At the end of the day, no matter what you use to carry you baby, so long as it is a safe carrier, and is comfortable for you and your baby, then your on the right track.

If you would like more info on carriers, or would like to see my stash and have a play please feel free to get in touch, i love sharing the baby wearing love.

Grand plans for the silly season

I love Christmas.
I always have.  It is the one of two days of the year that I don't mind getting out of bed before the sun. (The other is my birthday- presents are a great motivator)

I wont lie, as i have had my own children, Christmas has taken on a different dynamic.  
I have to be more responsible and cant just kick back and enjoy the day.

This year Mr.C and I have decided to do something different to bring back the Xmas joy in our house.

We going to have a TOY FREE CHRISTMAS.

Before you all cry- child cruelty- the children will be getting presents, just not toys.

Instead of clogging up our lounge room with more things that the kids don't need, they will instead be receiving gifts that will hopefully last longer than a 5 second attention span.
I am also going to try and think global and act local when it comes to spending this Christmas.
I am a huge fan of online shopping, how ever I am going to be doing my best to seek out stores locally and buy hand made where appropriate.

Scary that we are talking about Christmas already, but i am really excited to make this a special one for my boys this year, and our families.


Friday, October 7, 2011

talk about neglect.

Well my poor blog baby has been left neglected for a while now, so much so that i missed the start of Blogtoberfest- which means that I'm out before i even tried.

So for the time wealthy people who continue to read my rantings, i would like to share some things i have learned in the last few weeks.

If a child says they have a saw tummy, and its the first thing in the morning, get a bucket.

Of any one asks you to be on a committee (of any kind) smile politely and run for the nearest exit.

any ways now that we have that out of the way, an update on the good things.

I am now part of a book clup- and although it is not the 'The Jane Austin book club' i am very much looking forward to regular intelligent conversation with adults.

I have also been trialing SLS and Paraben free body wash, shampoo, and conditioner in an attempt to rid some of the nasties from with in my home.  I started with Sukin- which are easy to get an Australian made and owned.  To be honest i didn't love them for my skin type- i have found the products i tried exaggerated my dry and sensitive skin symptoms.  Their products have been great for the kids.  I have switched to Moo Goo (Australian made and owned) for my body wash and shampoo and I'm sticking with the Sukin conditioner- so far so good.

If you are looking at switching to SLS, Paraben free, Australian made and owned products I would suggest buying the smallest amounts, or trying to get samples to trial to work out what is right for you before you are left with liters of the stuff.

Next thing to go from our house are toxic wipes once i can find a reliable source of bamboo SLS and paraben free wipes.  I will be going to the PBC expo in to hope to speak and deal directly with the manufacturer.

Next blog will have the info on Mei Tai's.