Friday, May 27, 2011

To see the world through a child's eyes....

As Mr.T gets older i often find my self in awe of the little person his father and i have created.  Lately, its not just the milestones of learning and social interaction, its the pearls or wisdom he shares with me and the little clues he gives me that show how amazing his mind and imagination are becoming.  It is a delight to watch him and help him grow into a young man (well eventually).

This evening there was a moment that reminded me how pure, innocent and open his heart and mind still are.  On the wall between the lounge room and kitchen is a beautiful drawing from beautiful lady, Victoria.  She sent me the drawing of a breastfeeding mermaid to celebrate breastfeeding Mr.J for 7months (and still going).  Not only is the picture aesthetically amazing, but it touched me so personally, partly because of my pride and love of breastfeeding, and also my own childhood love of Mermaids, but also because Vic had gone out of her way to create something beautiful for me.  For Mr.T the picture is simply magical, and he pointed out straight away that it was mummy as a mermaid breastfeeding his baby brother Mr.J.  I sometimes find him staring in wonder at the picture, and every now and again he asks me if i can show him how i become a mermaid. 

Tonight he asked me " Mumma, were do you keep your special mermaid powers?"
to him i replied "I keep them in my heart so i will always have them with me."
In his beautiful innocents he replied "Don't keep them in there, let them out! show everyone! we all want to see you be a mermaid."
Smiling into his blue eyes i told him "One day sweetie I will show you, but for now i need to keep them with me."

It breaks my heart a little to think that one day he will realise that I might not be able to change into a mermaid, and that one day i will have to tell him that the special powers i hold in my heart are dreams, love and beautiful memories. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Morning star shine, the world says Hello!

Welcome to be beginning, grab a cuppa and take a few moments to become acquainted with my blog.

It is no secret that i have a lot to say about most things, so instead of berating people on Facebook, twitter and the like, instead I invite you to keep up with me through my Blog.  I hope to share with you the most popular topics people discuss with me, like cloth nappies, baby carriers, Jewellery etc. and also some topics that may surprise some of you.

Today I'm going to start with a surprise, So please finish your drink quickly so you don't splatter it all over your screen.

I would like share with you today an exciting milestone in my life, last week i had my first Eco Cycle, (and no its not an Bicycle.) 

Since starting cloth nappies with Mister A. 2 years ago i have been opened up to a world of re-usable products that i had never really considered previously using as a part of every day life eg  Re-usable sandwich bags, drink bottles, wet bags, baby wipes, etc. and while i understand the convenience of disposable options, each week as my bin gets fuller from the waste a family of 5 create I cant help but think about the ways i can alter my usual habits to reduce landfill waste.

My cloth journey all started with re-usable breast pads.  The humble cloth breast pad surprised me by how affective and comfortable it was and made me begin to question other feminine hygiene products i used.  So I read a few threads and gathered some info and decided to take the plunge into two styles of reusable feminine hygiene; Cloth pads and Menstrual Cups (cups for short).

The first time i heard about cups, i thought it was an April fools joke. "Did people really do this?" i questioned to my self, but then the more i thought about it the more sense it made.  Silicone was easy to wash, flexible and re-usable, it is a popular choice in Europe where there are many different brands available.  Cloth pads are not as much of a stretch for the imagination, simply a cloth version of a disposable pad.  They are also easy to wash, comfortable and re-usable and come in different combinations of materials/ sizes and styles.  After working up the guts to try something different I'm really not quite sure why i was so put off in the first place.  It took a few goes to be confident with the cup, and familiar with storing the pads when out an about etc how ever it was do-able.  So i did a spot of online shopping at the The Cloth Pad shop and Ecocubs and was able to get enough cloth pads (of varying sizes) a wet bag or two, and a Lunette cup which enabled me (for the first time in my life) to not put any feminine hygiene products into landfill during my cycle- which i now fondly call my eco-cycle. The bonus is I'm also set up for the future too, cups last an average of 10 years (depending on storage and use) and pads around the same time if not longer.

Of course this is not exactly the kind of topic i can bring up in general conversation, and to be honest im sure its not everyone's cup of tea (pardon the pun).  Even here i have not elaborated too much because there are of course things that people do not want to read about me in great detail, however if you would like to find out some more info or want to see my beautiful range of pads leave a comment or, email me. Next blog i promise to talk about something a little higher above the belt.